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Inspiring & Unique: The One&Only Private Homes

 A light breeze blows through the open window, waves crash, a seagull circles in the distance and the first rays of sunshine tickle the tip of your nose. You open your eyes, go to the window, push the curtains aside and look out over turquoise blue water, palm trees and endless beaches. You close your eyes for a moment, breathe in and out deeply. This is how every day should start. In their own personal paradise, this is possible thanks to the One&Only Private Homes. Whether in the tropical beauty of Mauritius, on the breathtaking coasts of Mexico and Malaysia, in a Montenegrin bay on the Adriatic or on an enchanting Greek island.

The exclusive retreats are not only at home in the world's most inspiring locations, but also offer all the amenities you would expect from your very own personal paradise: personal concierge, fine furnishings, owner events, coveted invitations, preferred bookings at One&Only resorts worldwide or special discounts for you and your guests.