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Travel the world in luxury while your money works for you

Push the travel budget with digital real estate deals and earn interest that defies inflation.
On average, holidays are expected to cost 8% more in 2023. Due to high inflation and low savings interest rates, investors lose money every day when it is in current accounts and savings accounts. "Saving has to be rethought today. Wealth accumulation has not succeeded at the account for a long time," says Andreas Zederbauer, CEO of dagobertinvest AG and former bank executive. A lucrative method of earning a portion of one's available investment assets are digital real estate investments via the dagobertinvest platform. Because here all projects earn interest at 8 - 13% p.a.. Co-financing the construction of residential real estate in the DACH region is already possible with small amounts - currently from 100 euros.
Direct access to carefully selected real estate projects
dagobertinvest gives investors direct access to real estate projects that have been assessed from a business perspective. "Since its founding in 2015, private individuals have also been able to profit on the real estate market through dagobertinvest. This was previously only reserved for large investors," explains Zederbauer. Since then, around 10,000 investors have invested more than 150 million euros in the creation of valuable living space - 123 projects have also been repaid including interest so far.

Are such high interest rates serious?
The real estate and financial experts at dagobertinvest are often asked this question. The answer is clearly positive: Until recently, interest rates in crowdinvesting were between 8% and 10% p.a.. With the ECB raising interest rates to the current level of 4.25%, it is a logical consequence that interest rates in real estate crowdfunding must also rise - to the same extent to up to 13% p.a.
Experts recommend diversification
Entrepreneurial investing means spreading smaller amounts over several projects. To this end, a new investment offer is launched every week. The term is usually between 12 and 30 months. "A significant advantage compared to equity funds, for example, is that there are currently no fees or costs involved in crowdinvesting," says Andreas Zederbauer, CEO of the dagobertinvest Group.
New investors benefit twice
For their first investment on the dagobertinvest platform, new investors receive 50% of their investment - up to a maximum of 100 euros - back from dagobertinvest. Many use this opportunity to get started and most of them stick with it. On average, investors hold 12 projects in their portfolio. With each repayment there is a re-investment bonus. "It takes just a few clicks to register and you are ready to go," says dagobertinvest boss Zederbauer about the lucrative investment alternative that really does fight inflation. Incidentally, registration is also non-binding and free of charge.
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