Stately living in the Schlosspark in Vienna

Urban Austria

This dreamy apartment in the Schlosspark in Vienna not only offers a stylish home, but also an oasis of well-being.

Elegant living

In the picturesque setting of Wattmanngasse there is a place where time stands still
appears. The Jewish style villa reflects the unique charm of the noble Hietzing. Experience
stylish elegance of upscale living in the immediate vicinity of Schönbrunn Palace Park. The 4-
The two-storey house was renovated with careful attention to the building structure and enchants with its curves
Wooden windows and roof gables in the Old Vienna style. The entrance area shines with magnificent stucco
and golden Art Nouveau elements. The ornamented window surfaces in the staircase
offer a wonderful view of the ensemble's beautiful garden. In addition, a
Elevator for barrier-free comfort.

The villa's extensive garden offers not only relaxation, but also a unique piece
Story. Hidden corners with a quiet pond invite you to linger and relax. The
Centuries-old trees radiate a calm that envelops every visitor. The beautiful one
The garden is a rare retreat and relaxation space for all residents of the villa. The views on
the magnificent gardens, which reflect the rhythm of the seasons, are incomparable
and add a touch of magic to every day. The garden is more than just a highlight, it is that
Heart and soul of the villa. It combines history, beauty and tranquility and offers the perfect location
to relax, dream and enjoy.