The Fusion

Urban Austria

Directly on the Naschmarkt, THE FUSION by WINEGG impressively combines different influences and brings together the best from several eras.

Luxurious oasis in the middle of Vienna

THE FUSION by WINEGG creates a new dimension of living in the heart of Wieden, which includes all aspects of life and artfully combines them with each other. In a central setting, new facets are gradually revealed to the residents.
Behind the elegant entrance of the luxuriously revitalized Biedermeier house, after a few steps from a busy street you reach an exclusive oasis of peace through the house portal. The cozy inner courtyard offers a relaxing ambience and invites you to relax
stay for hours.
Each type of apartment shines with special advantages and the principle of offering its future residents the maximum living experience. Noble materials and a sense of perfect staging breathe exceptional luxury into the exclusive apartments.
Elegant color accents express timeless understatement and give the unique rooms space and light.