Villa Rosa

Urban Europe

Villa Rosa, a luxury home in Barcelona, was designed and built by the renowned architect Albert Juan i Torner, showcasing his talent and creativity.
Living room

Fascinating decorative elements

In renovating Villa Rosa, not only was the structure and listed decorative elements of the building preserved, but the modernist architecture's benefits were also maintained, such as its spaciousness, luminosity, comfort, habitability, and utilization of high-quality materials. Villa Rosa is a prime example of luxury real estate in Barcelona that merges historical charm with contemporary amenities.
This project aims to go beyond mere renovation of the exteriors such as facades, roofs, garden, fences, and retaining walls. It also prioritizes the preservation and restoration of the captivating and original decorative elements within the building.

By undertaking this comprehensive approach, you will have the opportunity to own a home that not only fulfills contemporary standards but also honors its distinctive history and preserves its original design. 

Breathtaking scenery

Villa Rosa is nestled in the Sarria-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, offering stunning views of the city and close proximity to famous landmarks. Located in the Colserola Natural Park, the house provides a tranquil escape while still being close to the city. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy both city life and nature.
In the early 20th century, villas and country houses began to be built in Vallvidrera for wealthy individuals such as bankers, entrepreneurs, and aristocrats. They chose this area for its beautiful nature and clean air, as well as its proximity to the center of Barcelona.

Nestled in the enchanting location of Villa Rosa, a mere 15-minute journey unveils the captivating heart of Barcelona, beckoning you to explore its vibrant soul.

Villa Rosa is located on a large plot of land surrounded by nature and trees, and is situated in the Colserola Natural Park. This provides seclusion and tranquility, despite being close to the city. Villa Rosa is a testament to the finest luxury real estate in Barcelona, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of city life while being surrounded by nature and greenery.